Web Hosting & Domain Registration

What is Domain Registration?

In order to build your webpages, you will have to buy a name like (www.)your-company-name.com or may be (www.)your-company-name.org.

What is domain’s privacy protection?

It hides your personal information (your name, address, phone number, etc,) from the public WHOIS database. So no one will know who owns the domain.

What is Web Hosting?

In brief – Web Hosting is a block of web server space where you will upload your webpages.

How much Web Hosting Space do I need?

It depends on your content size and also on how many emails you would like to store. 10 dynamic pages or 25 html pages with moderate amount of images usually consumes about 500 MB web space. If you do not delete your emails then after some year you may run out of space.

Who owns my domain?

You are the sole owner of your domains, the email address you provided while buying the domain will be used to identify the owner. We do not control/own your domains, neither we restrict our users to move their domains to another registrar.

What is Monthly Bandwidth?

Monthly Bandwidth is the amount of data transfer in/out of your website. When someone will visit your website, his/her browser will download your website contents including images. So for an example, if one of your page has in total of 10 images (with an average size of 100KB file size, 10*100KB = 1MB),  and the page is visited for 100 times, then that will account for 100MB of Bandwidth. It is very unlikely that you will see your monthly bandwidth limit is exceeding because we have allocated a generous amount of monthly bandwidth for every plan.

What characters can be used when registering a domain name?

Only letters, digits and hyphens are allowed, like yourcomany.com, your-company.com, your-company123.com. Domains are not case sensitive, YourCOMPANY.com is the same as yourcompany.com.

I like to buy a domain but do not like to buy web hosting or email services, What should I do?

You can just buy your desired domain, you will be able to create get 2 free email addresses if you buy domain from us. You may use those 2 free emails or choose not to.

What type of control panel do you provide?

We use cPanel for our web hosting, the most popular and the most user friendly panel for hosting with full of features.

What methods of payments do you accept?

You can deposit the payment to our bank account, send money through bKash. We also accept cheque but it has to be processed through our banking institution before we activate your account.

What is your payment and refund policy?

You must make full payment for domain registration and it is non-refundable. Once the domain has been registered, you will not be able to undo it, however, you may stop renewing it if you do not want to own it. We offer 20 days money back guarantee for web hosting. So if you are not completely happy with our Web Hosting service, we will refund you full amount.

Will I be able to send and receive e-mail through my Hosting Account?

Yes, you will be able to create and manage any amount of email accounts. You will be able to access your email through webmail, mobile phone, outlook express or any other email client.

I cannot find my desired domain extension, what should I do?

Please call us, we have a very long list of domain extensions, like, .tech, .science, .clothing, .furniture, .company, .builders, etc.

Can you host all types of domain name extensions?

Yes, you can use any valid domain extensions.

I already have a domain. Can I use it with your Web Hosting?

Yes you can. Please call us and we will set it up for you.

Can I have more than one domain name pointed to my website?

Yes, you can redirect your domains to specific websites, for an example if you have youcompany.com and yourcompany.net and only have a website for .com then you can redirect your .net domain to your .com domain.

Do you sell .bd domain names?

At this moment we do not sell .bd domain names, we have a plan to offer this service in near future. If you already have a .bd domain, you can host with us.

How many domain registrations can I have?

You can have as many as you like, sky is the limit.

Do you offer SSL Certificate?

Yes, our every hosting service includes free SSL Certificates.

How can I transfer my domain to you or from you to another registrar?

If you cannot see any option on your domain panel that says “domain transfer” or “domain key” or maybe “domain secret” then you have to ask your registrar to transfer your domain.

If you like to transfer your domain from our account to other registrar then you have to login to your panel and use the key provided there. We do not restrict anyone from transferring domains to other domain registrar.

Will you place ads on my site?

We will never place ads on your website. Of course, you are free to place your ads to earn revenue from your website.

Are there any additional charges added to your published price?

There is absolutely no hidden surprises in our domain registration and web hosting pricing.

Is your WebHosting’s unlimited bandwidth is truly unlimited?

Yes it is. However, file sharing/storing and uploading files that are over 15MB (except email attachments) is not allowed. Unlimited bandwidth is ideal for business organisations who deal with loads of website traffic, many email accounts and email attachments.

What are your Web Hosting content policies?

You can host anything you like. However, you may only use our Web Hosting Server for lawful purpose. Transmission of any material in violation of any Country, Federal, State or Local regulation is prohibited. Adult content, hacking, spamming, file sharing, abusing script are prohibited in our server. Contents related to any kind of racism, terrorism, violence against people, showing hatred etc. are also prohibited in our server.

Which email client (software) do I need to use?

You may use any email client you wish or you can use webmail.

For Windows you may use the default built-in mail app, Outlook, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.

For macOS you may use the default built-in mail app, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Airmail, etc.

For iOS you may use the default built-in mail app, airmail, etc.

For Android you may use the default built-in mail app, Blue Mail, etc.

Web Design & Development

I need a website for my business, what do I need?

You will need the following things:

  1. Register your domain (www.your-company-name.com)
  2. Web space for hosting your company’s website. (Ex. 1GB space with 1GB monthly bandwidth).
  3. Finally, you will need someone to make a website that fits your requirements.

We provide all of these services as a package solution.

I am not from Dhaka, can we still work together?

Yes, we can. You can always communicate with us through WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, mobile and of course through email. We will keep informing you about your project’s progress.

What methods of payments do you accept?

You can deposit the payment to our bank account, send money through bKash and you can also make a cash payment at our office. We also accept cheque but it has to be processed through our banking institution before we start working on your project.

What is your payment and refund policy?

For website design and other related services you have to make 80% of payment upfront. Remaining payment should be made before handing over the project. If the work has already begun and you no longer need our services then the maximum refund will be 50%. If the project is more than 50% completed then there will be no refund. We always prioritise on customer satisfaction more than anything. Therefore, if an issue arises from our side then we will work on it until you are completely satisfied.

What ongoing costs are there?

There are two ongoing costs of a website:

  1. Domain registration renewal.
  2. Web hosting.

If you register a domain and host with us then we will remind you when it’s time to renew these two (usually once a year, unless you pay for more than a year).

Is there any other cost that I should be aware of?

We are very transparent about cost structure and always provide a fixed price quote as per clients’ requirements. Unless clients change/modify their requirements there will be no extra or hidden charge.

Can you write the website contents for me?

Sure we can. We can prepare the contents and will proofread it for you. However, you have to provide us the information that should be included in your website. We will prepare the contents that will attract your target market/client. Please have a look at our Copywriting page for more information.

Do you make personal website?

We focus on developing websites for large and medium sized organisations. But if you are very keen to have an attractive personal website for publicity (ex. you are an artist, candidate for national election, etc.) then we will be happy to design one for you. We will also make sure that you have proper online presence so that people can easily be able to find information about you.

If I ask you to make a website, then do I have to host with you?

No, you do not have to. Web development, domain registration and web hosting are three separate services we provide. However, if you order all of these services we will offer you a discount.

How do I submit content for my new website?

You can email us your content, alternatively you can send us the content by any removable media (ex. Pen drive, CD, DVD, etc.).

I do not have any pictures for my website. How can I get some photographs and graphics for my website?

If you do not have any pictures of your business organisation and/or your members then our professional photographer will visit your organisation to take photos. And other graphics requirements will be taken care by our graphics designers.

How much does a web site cost?

The cost of a successful website depends on the complexity and the time required to finish the project. Please visit us and tell us your requirements and we will provide you a fixed price quotation based on your requirements.

Can you maintain my website for me after the design work is finished?

Of course. We provide full support to our clients even after completion of projects. We do not charge our clients for minor changes.

How long does it take for a project to be completed?

It depends on the size, complexity and the amount of work needed. We will tell you about the time required for the project. However, the time schedules are attainable provided you have all the contents (texts, images, etc.) ready to submit us (unless you ask us to prepare those as well). We guarantee that your site will be ready for you within the time period.

We are a non profit, can you do our website for free?

We are very much interested in charitable work. However, it is not always possible due to our overhead expenses. If it is a very important social issue you are working on then we will be very happy to discuss about it.

I want to hire Pixxelon, how do i get started?

Please call us and we will set up a meeting.

I know a good web developer, is there a reason I need more than that?

It is very rare a good web developer (programmer) is also good and creative graphics designer. When you are building a website you need to have a team working together that consist of marketer/strategist, graphics designer, web developer, and search-engine optimisation specialist. It may also be necessary to have a writer (content maker) and a professional photographer.

I was told i need a mobile site and a web app in addition to my website, do I really need all of that?

No, you do not need a separate website for mobile devices. Please visit our Web Development page for more information.

I’m opening a new business but am unsure of what I want to call it. Do you offer naming services as well as branding?

Yes. If you are not set on your new business name then we recommend you do not purchase a domain (for an example, www.your-business-name.com). We can help you to come up with a name that is attractive and easy to spell with a positive connotation.

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