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Domain Registration

Secure Your Brand’s Online Identity with Domain Names

Easy Control Panel

Our easy to use Control Panel has every feature you will need to manage your domain portfolio and other services.

No Late Fee

There will be no late fee if you fail to renew your domain before expiration date (Grace period is 25-30 days).

Instant Activation

Your domain will be activated within minutes after confirmed payment.

Privacy Protection

Privacy Protection (WHOIS Protection) is free for every domain that supports it.

Free with Every Domain

Theft Protection

Protect domains from being transferred out without your permission with Free Theft Protection.

Domain Transfer

You are free to transfer your domain to any other registrar without any question asked.

DNS Management

Free DNS service which allows you to manage your DNS records.

Most Popular Top-Level Domains

Domain Buying Tips

Easy To Remember

An easy-to-remember domain increases the likelihood of direct traffic, fosters recall, facilitates word-of-mouth referrals and thus enhancing the success of the website.

Shorter is Better

A shorter domain name is easier to type, remember, and share, resulting in improved brand recognition and user engagement. But it is better if it is pronounceable.

Look Beyond .com

Looking beyond a .com domain expands branding opportunities, enhances uniqueness, and may better reflect the nature of the website or business.

Check Renewal Price

Domains are often on sale for first year but have higher renewal fees. Always check second or multiple year fees.

Social Media Handles

Checking social media handles before registering ensures consistency across online platforms, strengthens brand identity, and facilitates easier marketing and engagement.

Act Fast

Acting swiftly to register a domain name prevents potential loss to competitors, secures brand identity, and ensures availability for future use.


Content-focused grid designs, unique social elements, post-sharing function, author exposure, sticky newsletter.

It hides your personal information (your name, address, phone number, etc,) from the public WHOIS database. So no one will know who owns the domain.

Only letters, digits and hyphens are allowed, like,, Domains are not case sensitive, is the same as

You are the sole owner of your domains, the email address you provided while buying the domain will be used to identify the owner. We do not control/own your domains, neither we restrict our users to move their domains to another registrar.

If you cannot see any option on your domain panel that says “domain transfer” or “domain key” or maybe “domain secret” then you have to ask your registrar to transfer your domain.

If you like to transfer your domain from our account to other registrar then you have to login to your panel and use the key provided there. We do not restrict anyone from transferring domains to other domain registrar.

Please call us, we have a very long list of domain extensions, like, .tech, .science, .clothing, .furniture, .company, .builders, etc.

There is absolutely no hidden surprises in our domain registration pricing.

You can deposit the payment to our bank account, send money through bKash. We also accept cheque but it has to be processed through our banking institution before we activate your account.

You must make full payment for domain registration and it is non-refundable. Once the domain has been registered, you will not be able to undo it, however, you may stop renewing it if you do not want to own it. 

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